About Us

INNOVO Metal Trading is a young company, with plenty of knowledge about and experience with recycling non-ferrous metal. We are based in Rotterdam. A great location from a logistics point of view, in the heart of this international industry.

Our main strength consists of connecting the scrap trade with the foundries. A crucial link in the chain.

We specialise in brass but also trade in many other metals such as copper and aluminium.

Our name INNOVO tells you everything you need to know about us: we find innovation important. But it must always be targeted: our goal is always to make the metal recycling chain even more efficient. The circular economy benefits from this as well as our suppliers and customers.

While efficiency is good, safety and quality always come first. In practice, this often goes hand in hand. We are familiar with all the necessary standards (including NEN).

INNOVO Metal Trading wants to be a reliable partner and strives for a long-standing relationship with its suppliers and customers. One that involves working together, rather than at each other’s expense.

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