Making scrap metal available for reuse through recycling. This is perfectly consistent with the ambition to make the economy more circular, which is why it is already applied on such a large scale.

At INNOVO Metal Trading, however, we think that we can do better. Often more parties are involved in the process than is actually necessary, leading to an accumulation of margins, which only drives up the price. This is always at the original seller’s detriment. Moreover, batches of metal often pass through several hands with each transport movement increasing the environmental impact a little more.

We prefer to start from a clear objective or philosophy if you will. INNOVO believes in more efficiency in the metal recycling process.

While this may sound nice, we also practice what we preach! Everything starts with the purchase of the right batches of metal. Quality is our first concern. There are a number of important advantages to this:

  • The metal is easier to recycle, speeding up the process.
  • Good quality keeps the cost of the casting process manageable.
  • Less handling, meaning fewer links in the chain.
  • A better end product, that complies with the European quality standards.
  • Less harmful for the environmental.

Planning is also extremely important. Delays in the chain can sometimes be (very) costly. That is why we find it so important to ensure that the right materials are in the right place at the right time.

Obviously a planning schedule is not set in stone. Or in brass even. Sometimes things just don’t go as you had planned. Something can always go wrong. When this happens, you can always count on INNOVO to go that extra mile and ensure that everything goes smoothly. That is where our strengths come in handy: a large network thanks to good long-term relationships with buyers and sellers, a lot of knowledge, a professional approach and the ability to think along.

This all ties in with our way of working. INNOVO Metal Trading contributes to more efficient metal recycling, offering added value for both suppliers and buyers.

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